Stone Leaf Select Organic Ripe Puer

2019 pressing, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Teahouse!

100g cake Ripe/Shou/Dark Puer

Menghai County

We’re quite excited to offer our latest custom pressed puer in 100g cakes. Our own custom blend combines 2 leaf grades (Te Ji & Gong Ting) to give a smoothness and fullness not often found in young ripe puer. With notes of rich birch bark, dark chocolate, acorn, and a slight minerality, this tea can brew dark and heavy if you like, but also holds complexity for those who prefer gong fu cha.

Ripe (or Dark) puer is a rare true fermented tea, so note that is it richer and more earthy than your average tea!

Great now and/or for aging.

Wrapper artwork by Teahouse extraordinaire Danya Pirie

This tea is also our first Certified Organic puer!

Certified Organic by VOF

Note the 7 cakes discount!…these come as 7 individual cakes, not wrapped together in leaf)


New Stone Leaf Ripe Puer Cake available! Write us at or call the teahouse! 802-458-0460




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