Taiwan Bi Luo Chun 20

San Hsia, Taiwan

Spring 2020

Cultivar: Gan Zhong 柑種


It’s always nice to receive tea in the Spring, and this year especially so! This green tea has sweetness like a pure mountain stream, with pleasant notes of cucumber, melon, and forest mist. Light, sweet, and fragrant like the first buds of spring popping in the woodlands.

This is one of those teas where you really taste the water you use for tea…try it out and see if you can see what we mean!


Not to be confused with the Dong Shan Bi Luo Chun from China, this tea shares the name, but is uniquely its own.

Click here to read more about the origins of this great tea in our Tea Blog!

Our Bi Luo Chun Harvest and Processing Video here.





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