Teacher Gao Oolong

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Gao Feng, Taiwan
Harvested Winter 2023

(清心烏龍) Qing Xin – Green Heart Oolong Cultivar

We visited Mr. Gao’s tea farm on our 2014 tea travels to Taiwan. Formerly school teachers, the Gao family now runs a pristine tea garden high in the hills within view of Li Shan proper. A light roasting brings out a bouquet of sweetgrass, starfruit, & muskmelon. Be sure to check out the aroma in the cup after you finish your last sip.

Highly recommended for Taiwan high mountain oolong fans looking for a distinctive tea garden at a great price. Fun to compare with our true Li Shan.

See more about Teacher Gao’s High  Mountain Tea Garden and our Spring Tea Visit here.

150g comes vacuum sealed



1 review for Teacher Gao Oolong

  1. Alex Glassman

    Very vegetal, and smooth – easy drinking!

  2. john

    Definitely smooth..Teacher Gao has a knack for smooth tea…keep your eyes open for the Winter harvest..it’s on the way from Taiwan as we speak!

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