Travel Gaiwan Tea Set

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We’ve searched for quite a while for a travel set that combines convenience with quality..and finally found it with this set.

Featuring: sturdy gaiwan brewing vessel, six cups, serving pitcher, serving tongs, and a protective carrying case. Each piece is decorated with an elegant blue flower design and fits snugly in a convenient, padded carrying case.

We love it for tea hikes, nature outings, car camping, and impromptu sessions when out and about…always a travel set in the car with a mini tuo cha or oolong sample tucked inside…you never know when you’re going to need it!


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1 review for Travel Gaiwan Tea Set

  1. Whitney

    This is the best travel set I’ve ever seen, too. I’ve taken mine camping, to family gatherings, anywhere I know I might want to share gaiwan-brewed tea or just have it for myself. The design is simple but beautiful, too. I’m glad this is in stock here, I have been wanting another one as a spare for some time.

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