White Buddha Long Jing

Spring Harvest

April 2021

anji bai cha cultivar

Grown in the Jing Shan region, famous for its ancient Buddhist temple, this unique bai cha varietal is prized for its beautifully rolled leaf. Noted for its light golden leaf color, the cup is slightly more soft and sweet than our Jing Shan Long Jing.

With smooth notes of sweet mango and watermelon rind leading to a slighty nutty finish, this tea will transport you to a sun-drenched pine forest on a warm spring day.

Truly unique


Discovered on our 2010 travels, it’s been eight years since Master Zheng has made this tea. During our most recent visit, we convinced them to make it again! Sealed and sent direct from the tea garden to us here in Middlebury!

We’ve been featuring Master Zheng’s teas since 2010. See our blog post from those travels here!





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