Winter Oolong Tea Tasting

Join us all next week for a special featuring of our Winter Oolong Teas from Taiwan!

Winter still isn’t ready to let go, so let’s cut through March with some bright aromatics that these High Mountain Teas are renown for…especially when they are this fresh.


Does freshness matter? How so?

What makes High Mountain Teas special? What makes Winter Harvest Teas Special?

Are all oolongs created equal?

Our Winter Oolong Tasting will help answer this for you!

Choose any of Winter Harvest Teas, and we’ll make up a custom tasting for you…anywhere from 1 to 8 different teas!


Free reservations, Prices will vary dependent on number of teas selected, cash/check/card accepted at the Teahouse in Middlebury.



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