Org Wuyi Spring Green

Spring 2023

Certified Organic Green Tea from China

Sourced during our travels to Wu Yi Town in Zhejiang Province (different Wu Yi than Wu Yi Shan!), this bright green tea has a lot going for it. It’s satisfying for green tea lovers, certified Organic, and at a great pricepoint.

Tightly curled needle-like and a deep green leaf yield a naturally sweet cup that has little astringency (especially if you cool your water a bit before infusing). Slight oceanic notes that tend toward Japanese style richness, but staying true to the mountainous high elevation of its home, it keeps light and refreshing steep after steep.

Our trip to Wu Yi Tea Town was quite magical…nestled in the mountains hours south of Hangzhou, a winding road leads to organic tea fields high in the misty hills. The mist cleared however, and we were treated to a rare sunny Spring afternoon, just as they were preparing for the tea festival to be held the next day.


If you like our Taiwan Bi Luo Chun or Jing Shan Mao Feng, we’d suggest trying this one…and at the price, it’s a good one to stock up! Like this one and want to branch out? Try the Mei Bai Cha !





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