Fresh Taiwanese Bi Luo Chun Is Here!

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Spring Green Tea!

Stone Leaf Teahouse is proud to announce that our Spring Bi Luo Chun from Taiwan has arrived!  Incredibly fresh and mouth wateringly delicious, this vibrant green tea has hints of fresh bamboo shoots, bursting with liveliness and vibrancy…all the while mellow enough to not get bitter.

Brought to Taiwan in the mid-20th century by Chinese immagrants, the Bi Luo Chun processing style has a long and storied history.  The name literaly translates as “Green Snails of Spring” because of its appearance and spring time harvest.  It originated near lake Tai Hu in Jiangsu Province centuries ago.  One legend claims that the original name was “Scarey Fragrance”.  Supposedly, pluckers, having run out of space in their baskets, began stuffing leaves into their clothes.  As a result, the leaves, packed in and warmed by body heat, gave off a startling aroma.  The name was later changed to “Green Snails of Spring” by the Emperor in an attempt to make the tea more appealing.  Yet another legend claims that this tea was named after a girl, Bi Luo, who watered a tea tree with the tears she had shed for her slain dragon lover.  She then died under this tree, and the next spring, the tree produced a fragrant green tea which we now call Bi Luo Chun.

Freshly plucked Bi Luo Chun

Regardless of its ancient beginnings, our Bi Luo Chun is now grown and processed by master tea crafters in San Hsia District in Taipei County, Taiwan.  The leaf looks much bigger than the traditional Chinese Bi Luo Chun because the Taiwanese version is made from a different plant varietal.  However, the processing, although modernized, hasn’t changed much since the original immigrants brought their tea making know-how to Taiwan after World War II.  Grown on a family farm, using only natural and traditional agricultural practices, this tea is pure and uncontaminated by modern pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  It is hand picked and painstakingly processed on site with knowledge passed down through the generations.

A great tea to celebrate the start of spring!

You can watch more videos here on our Youtube channel.

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  1. Absolutely loved this video thank you so much for sharing this amazing process!

  2. Great video! I really liked the bamboo basket the picker was carrying, and all of the close up shots.

  3. Cool! Great to see the process. And such a delicious tea.

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