April 14 Spring Workshop: Fresh Green Tea

Come taste the freshness of spring! In this workshop we will feature teas from our recent travels to Zhejiang Province, China.

We traveled to 4 different mountain ranges around the famous city of Hangzhou, from Meijaiwu to Jing Shan, collecting many teas, especially the infamous Long Jing (Dragonwell) tea.

A few factors will make this a truly unique tasting:

  1. This year’s cooler weather meant a later harvest, which in turn meant that we were there for the first harvests of the year!

  2. We collected 5 different Long Jing Teas from 4 different mountains, all harvested within a day from each other…which means you’ll get to taste the characteristics of each mountain.

  3. Some teas will be also offered for sale, but alas, others were available in such small quantities that we only will be sharing with you at this tasting.

No matter if your new to tea, or incredibly experienced, this is quite the opportunity to tune into the freshest green tea.



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