Holiday Tea Sale

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Some great new teas have just arrived and some of our regular favorites are now on sale just in time for the holidays!


Now on sale until the end of 2012!

20% off

Nepal Second Flush, Kuwapani Esate

10% off

Bi Luo Chun, Taiwanese spring green tea

Hojicha, roasted Japanese twig tea

Muja Tie Guan Yin roasted oolong

Whole Puer Cakes

Xinghai Pheonix 2009 Ripe Puer100g cake now only $10

Stone Leaf Tea Nannuoshan Raw Puer 25og cake now only $31

Tea Ware

Elegant square glass teapot now only $35

Yixing lined travel tea jarsnow only $14


New Arrivals!

New Gyokuro

Spring 2012 from Uji.  High end, shade grown Japanese green tea.  Super green, smooth, and sweet with a heavy lingering umami aftertaste.  A special tea for special times.

Jasmine Pearls

Fresh Autumnal 2012 harvest.  Amazingly floral with just enough strength and sweetness to keep you coming back for more.

Yunnan Mao Feng

A fresh green tea for the winter!  Just harvested in autumn 2012 with a fresh green flavor and nutty aroma.  Perfect for keeping you in the green till next spring!

Gui Fei Cha

An amazing summer harvest oolong from the heart of Taiwan.  We cannot understate the subtle magic of this tea.  Roasted just enough for a rich, full flavor with succulent honey, spice, and floral aromas.  Just about perfect.

Bai Hao

Gui Fei Cha’s older brother.  Beautiful and elegant with long amber leaves and fuzzy white buds.  This summer 2012 harvest is rich and satisfying with sweet honey and flower notes .  An amazingly smooth and velvety mouth feel.  A great winter companion.


Now you can get our famous chai online!  Due to popular demand, we’re now offering our exotic Organic Masala Spice Blend on its own or pre-mixed with a rich and chocolatey Organic Assam black tea.  Also available is Rooibos Chai, our signature Masala Spice blend mixed with Organic Rooibos for a spicy, caffeine free treat.

New herbal teas online! 

Now offering South African Rooibos, Japanese Cherry Leaf, and Amacha (Japanese sweet tea).  Check back for more herbal offerings soon!




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