Small Spout Yixing (120ml)

We’re happy to introduce a new teapot crafted by Xia Cai Hong, who hails from a multi-generational family of yixing potters. Her quality work is available in other styles here at stoneleaf as well!

A “Xi Shi” style yixing teapot, it’s small round curve and “pignose” short spout gives a steady pour and ability to use larger leaf teas (ie. – a larger opening in a small teapot!)

Great gongfu teapot for your choice of style of tea, especially versatile with its large open top unrolled oolongs and mao cha puer.


Yixing clay is unglazed, so it will absorb the teas that you make in it…over time, your teapot will season nicely. We recommend yixing teapots especially for oolong and puer tea, but it is good for any tea that is not flavored.

3.5″ long x 2.5″ wide x 3″tall


Color & size may vary slightly.

Beautiful padded gift box included!


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