Where did you say this tea is from?

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If you have ever wondered where the tea you’re drinking comes from, you’re not alone.  When you drink tea, you can taste the place in which it was grown.  Much of the flavor is deeply connected to a particular mountainside, village, or master craftsman.  Whether you know the origins of the tea or not, you are tasting that specific place in each cup.   Here at Stone Leaf Teahouse, we think that it is important to know specifically where and who the tea we drink comes from.


This commitment to traceability is what separates us from many other tea companies.  We work hard to visit tea gardens around the world to ensure that that connection between tea grower and tea drinker stays strong.  Now, you can follow our travels and be a part of the adventure right from your computer!

Click here to visit our tea atlas page where you can use interactive Google Maps  to see where exactly we get many of our teas.  There is even a Google Earth tour at the bottom that stops at several tea destinations as it flies you around world.  Happy travels!

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