Dehong Wild Tree Purple

(4 customer reviews)

Yunnan, China – Spring, 2022
Aromatic and fruity

This wonderful varietal from Yunnan is not only beautiful to look at but also mouth wateringly delicious to drink. Long, twisted deep black and purple leaves harvested exclusively from wild tea trees in the Dehong area give off an amazingly bright and fruity aroma. Yielding a rich reddish brown infusion with sweet flavors of plum and citrus, this black tea has very little of the dry tannins usually associated with strong black tea.

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4 reviews for Dehong Wild Tree Purple

  1. Matt

    My preferred daily driver.

    Excellent on all counts.

  2. Baroness von Savage (verified owner)

    I’m with Matt: it’s a daily driver and no matter how long the leaves sit in my tea water, they never give off a bitter taste. Dehong Wild has displaced Yi Mei Ren, another favorite daily brew. The fruitiness is very slight, and it’s not the forward flavor.

  3. Whitney (verified owner)

    WOW! I love the grapefruit scent and peach pit fruit flavour behind this one. Slight mineral otherwise. Almost sweet? Really mellow and nice.

  4. mrcharlie (verified owner)

    Stone Leaf Tea House has some remarkable teas and this is one of them. I had a feeling it was special when I put my nose to the dry leaf. Completely unique aroma unlike any of the over one hundred teas I have tried. The steeped liquid has an elegant color, and the flavors are superlative. One of the best ever. I echo the peach and add a hint of pineapple which I noticed on my second tasting.

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