Nannuoshan Qiao Mu 2021 357g Cake


Qiao Mu Sheng Puer Cha

Spring 2021 harvest – 357g cakes

This robust raw puer from Nannuoshan carries notes of dried apricot, apple, shiitake mushroom, fig, and a touch of moss. Earthy and sweet, it’s a balanced tea with refreshing qualities, perfect for spring.

A note from the source: This tea garden was planted forty years ago when the people in this village moved down from Ban Po Lao Zhai to a spot further down the mountain. The trees were grow from seeds mostly coming from the Ban Po ancient tea tree gardens. The gardens are some way outside the village at an altitude of around 1400 meters. No chemicals or fertilizers are used in the gardens. This tea was made from selected, larger trees from within the tea garden.

Small batch custom stone pressing for Stone Leaf Teahouse.




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