Ai Lao Shan 2021 Ancient Tree 357g Cake

Ai Lao Shan

Gu Shu Sheng Puer Cha

Spring 2021 harvest  –  357g cakes

Gu Shu = 古树 = Ancient Tree = 100+ year old tea trees

This crisp raw puer brews succulent notes of cucumber, toasted pecan, and grape leaves. Classically crisp and very clean tasting raw puer that we’ve come to expect from this grower in Ai Lao Shan.

We’re so fortunate to get this true Ancient Tree Puer for this price, so please enjoy!

Small batch custom pressing for Stone Leaf Teahouse.

1 tong = 7 cakes wrapped in bamboo leaf ($10 discount off each cake!)




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