Ai Lao Shan Long Zhu

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Early Spring 2020

Handrolled  Gu Shu Ancient Tree Dragon Pearls

Sheng / Raw Puer Tea from Ai Lao Shan Village

This 2020 Gu Shu Puer is one of our new offerings for 2021! We were delighted to have the opportunity to have our own selection handrolled for Stone Leaf Teahouse!

Each Long Zhu, otherwise known as Dragon Pearl, unfurls more and more with each steep, creating a complex and evolving experience – ideal for multiple infusions gongfu-style, or one can go for a nice big pot/mug.  Warm notes of applewood, cinnamon, cracked pepper, and juniper moss balance each other evenly in this surprisingly smooth cup, and will no doubt evolve well with age. This is a very “clean” tasting raw puer, with very little smokiness.

Each Dragon Pearl is wrapped in locally made Mulberry paper, and printed with a Stone Leaf Leaf! (…that’s fun to say)




1 review for Ai Lao Shan Long Zhu

  1. Tim (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful tea. Bought a few pearls of this on a lark a few months back and was blown away. The fragrance is floral, sweet, almost milky, with a certain undefinable characteristic I’ve found in high quality Raw Puerh’s. The taste is gentle but clear and reflects the aroma beautifully. I’ve gone as much as 11 steeps and felt it could still give more but have needed to stop due to the qi setting in. It continues to give steep after steep without ever becoming too bitter (I brew one pearl in a 140ml pot at about 195F for 30 seconds for the first 3 or 4 infusions, then raise it by 5 to 10 seconds for every subsequent infusion), in fact hardly any bitterness at all which is incredible for a Raw puerh. I ordered ten more pearls as soon as my first order was out and only serve it with guests (who have all raved about it). I’ll plan on buying more as soon for as long as Stoneleaf has them. One of my favorite Raw puerh’s I’ve ever had. Thanks for making this great tea available and wonderful job sourcing it!

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