Org Matcha Grade 2

Shizuoka, Japan.

Spring 2021

USDA Certified Organic Powdered Green Tea.

Grown and processed in Japan, this powdered tea maintains a quality product and a lower pricepoint.

A great value and tasteful Organic Matcha for iced tea, smoothies, and baking.

Comes in sealed 100g bags, 1kg comes in 1 sealed bag.

Some Matcha Notes:

It the full leaf of the plant, made into green tea, and stone-ground into a fine powder. Unlike all our other teas, you drink/eat the leaf! This makes it that much more important to know where your matcha comes from. All our lower priced Matcha teas are certified Organic to give added assurance of quality. Higher grade matcha may not be certified organic, but has been grown and processed with the strictest standards.


We offer various price-points depending on your matcha needs. In general, the higher the price, the smoother, less bitter, and brighter green the matcha is.

If you’re looking to make it hot, we recommend sticking with: Matcha Standard, Matcha Izumi, or Matcha Yuuwa

For Cooking, Iced, or Smoothies, we recommend: Matcha Standard, Organic Grade 2, or Organic Grade 3

Making Matcha:

In general, a little goes a long way. No matter how you’re making it, the following is a rough guide:

For making it Hot, 1 tsp per 2-3oz hot water. There’s no better way than using a chasen, or bamboo whisk. Choose from our Master Crafted Japanese Chasen, or value (and works great) bamboo whisk.

For making it Cold, we recommend starting with 1/2 tsp per 12oz.

For baking, 1 tbs per batch added to the flour base.





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