Org Yerba Mate – Unsmoked

Certified Organic Unsmoked Mate from Brazil with stems

ilex paraguariensis

We’ve selected this mate for both it’s traditional style, and new processing techniques! Traditional in it’s containing leaf, stem, and powder. New with it not being dried over smoke. Both of these have an effect that gives a smooth sweet texture…bold as mate can be, but not overly so, as the pure leaf style can be.

Steeped in a calabash gourd and sipped through a bombilla, we find this earthy but light yerba mate to carry notes of orange bark, mushroom, peppercorn, and rhubarb. This versatile mate is sure to keep you going through a long day whether steeped in a gourd, tea bag, or made iced!

Our only herbal that contains caffeine!

See instructions for brewing here.




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