Stone Leaf Travel Thermos


Stainless Steel with Bamboo, tea strainer, and engraved with Stone Leaf Teahouse!

We use it for tea on the road, as well as a hot water thermos along with our travel tea sets. It holds a good bit (18oz) and keeps the water sooooo hot!

For tea brewing, place the leaf in the bottom, fit the strainer in, and fill with hot water.

Drink directly from the thermos, and just refill when it gets low,

or use as a “teapot” and pour from the thermos into your cup!

  • Keeps your tea HOT – Triple walled copper lined insulation
  • Has a Tea Strainer for taking your loose leaf tea on the road
  • Bamboo section for a nice look and feel
  • Solidly made, holds 18oz, yet still is compact and narrow enough to have a nice to hold in the hand
  • Welly donates 3% of sales to clean water initiatives


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