We like fresh tea.

Importing fresh loose leaf tea from China, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Nepal.

For the full experience, stop by our truly unique teahouse located in the historic Marble Works District of Middlebury, Vermont.

A full service Teahouse

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  • 20170417_152024

    China Tea Travels Workshop

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  • 20170417_152907-001

    Spring Tea Hike

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    MapleRoastedOolong (2)

    Maple Roasted Red Oolong

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  • 2017

    Darjeeling 1st Flush Singell

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  • 2017
    TaiwanBiluoChun (2)

    Taiwan Bi Luo Chun

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  • New
    LargeBlueGaiwan (4)

    Large Blue Art Gaiwan

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  • New
    CamelliaFlowerTea (3)

    High Mountain Camellia Flower Tea

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  • darkgongfuyixing (2)

    Gongfu Yixing (100ml)

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