Buddha’s Hand Oolong

Fóshǒu chá 佛手茶

Xiang Yuan Cultivar 香橼

Pinglin, Taiwan

Spring 2021 Harvest

Also called Citron Tie Guan Yin

Buddha’s hand is back! This was a favorite of some of our big oolong fans, so last time we procured it in 2018, it didn’t last long!

Named for the rolling style of the leaf…resembling the hands of Buddha in meditation. This tea is roasted in the style of Taiwanese Tie Guan Yin, giving a pleasantly sweet and amber cup (similar to Fujian Oolongs from China). Notes of apricot, citrus, and peach pit dominate a light yet full-bodied infusion…but the biggest impact of this tea is in the mouthfeel: smooth, sweet, and coating, there’s no dryness whatsoever. Not easy to accomplish with a darker roasted oolong. A unique and fun tea for sure!

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