Organic Kukicha

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Kagoshima, Japan
Bright green twig tea
Spring 2020


A Certified Organic high grade stem tea from the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. Unlike Hojicha, our Kukicha is not roasted, allowing it to retain its natural green color, aroma, and flavor. Wonderfully smooth base highlighted by a grassy aroma and balanced by a fresh green brightness that Japanese greens are famous for.

By balancing the stem to leaf ratio, we’re able to experience a bright tea that is also incredibly thirst quenching and easy to drink.

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1 review for Organic Kukicha

  1. Summer Ward

    This is tea perfection! I drink gobs of it all day long… It’s the perfect balance of vegetal, floral, umami, low tannin. It’s a beautifully balanced tea and makes me smile every time! For a 12oz cup I brew 5g of tea with water at 175F for 1.5 minutes. ❤️

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