Maple Breakfast Blend

Sometimes the simple things just work out so well…Our strong breakfast blend slow roasted in Vermont maple syrup is one of them! This full bodied tea has notes of cherry bark, cinnamon, vanilla, & blueberries. The maple doesn’t overwhelm the cup but instead blends and caramelizes with the natural dark notes of the tea. If you like our Organic Breakfast Blend black tea, this maple roast might be a new morning favorite!

A note for you!: Our Maple Roasted Teas are relatively sweet…not SUPER sweet!…the slow roasting process causes the maple sugars to meld with the tea, adding complexity to the tea, & some maple-y good sweetness…You definitely still get the character of the original tea, just with added notes of maple & a bit of sweetness.

December 2023 Roasting




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