Org Nepal Imperial Black

Certified Organic

Autumn Harvest 2023

नेपाल शाही काले

Another great Certified Organic black tea from Jun Chiyabari! Processed in small batches from leaves grown by family farms near the town of Hile in the Dhankuta region of Nepal. This tea is made in a style similar to many Chinese black teas. Highly oxidized and rich in flavor, this Jun Chiyabari original is bolder and darker than many traditional Nepalese black teas, but unmistakably born from Himalayan air and soil.

Large, twisted, black leaves brew up a full bodied cup with sweet notes of malt and dark chocolate. A longer oxidation period in the Chinese style of black tea making makes this quite a versatile tea. It can be both a great breakfast style tea (that will hold up to milk and sugar) and/or holds enough complexity to enjoy on it’s own.

An amazing 3rd flush pick for 2021! A beautiful top grade for the season.

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