Tea Club – Rare Tea Edition

Do you know someone (maybe it’s you!) who loves unique teas?

Enjoys exploring the world of tea?

Well, look no further…introducing our new Tea Club – Rare Tea Edition!

Let us clarify what we mean by “unique” and “rare” – These are special harvest teas we import directly from the farms, give our own unique touch, and/or carefully stored and aged…All Teas that have been processed specifically for our Teahouse! Some tea names might be familiar, but be assured, these are teas that you cannot get anywhere else. From House Roasted Oolongs, Aged Puer, to our famous Jing Shan Green teas and Artist Lin Oolong it will be an experience not to miss.

Every month, members receive our special Rare Teas selection along with a printed newsletter containing detailed descriptions and brewing instructions. Selections will vary from month to month, but always a great value for your monthly price. Prices include all shipping and handling. A great way to explore the world of tea, try new things, and find new favorites!

Usually we choose 2 teas measuring 25g each, but sometimes we’ll change it up to offer something unique to you! Always at a higher value.

Your first package and printed newsletter will be sent out by the first 15th of the month following your initial signing up and all subsequent packages will be sent on the 15th of each following month.

– Like an emailed newsletter? Please note in the Order Notes at Checkout. Include recipients email if not indicated already.

-Ordering as a gift? There is an option for “ship to a different address” at checkout. Please include recipients email address, any other details, and gift notes in the Order Notes at checkout.

Specific Questions or Requests? Feel free to contact us at the Teahouse or by Email!

US only. If outside US, please inquire by email.




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