Ali Shan Zin Hsuan

Spring 2018

High Mountain “Milk Oolong”

Chiayi County, Taiwan

Reknown for its creamy taste, the Zin Hsuan (often spelled Jin Xuan, translates as “Golden Daylily“) varietal was developed over twenty years ago in Taiwan. Since then, it has become popular throughout Taiwan and begun to be planted all over the world. Our Zin Hsuan teas usually come from Mei Shan or Ali Shan, areas where this varietal works especially well with the terroir of the land. The Zin Hsuan varietal is limited in how high it can grow up the mountain. Our Ali Shan Zin Hsuan is grown above 1000 meters, making it a High Mountain Oolong, and a good one at that.

Our Spring harvest has a dynamic profile with notes of sweet creme, freshly cracked almonds, and vibrant lilies (…it is in the name!).

Note: Beware of milk oolongs that are very strong in their creamy/milkiness…those are often that way because of added flavorings. Absolutely no added flavorings in our milk oolongs!

150g size comes in a vacuum sealed bag.

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