Org Anji Bai Cha

Spring 2023

Certified Organic by NOFA-VT

Our Organic Anji Bai cha is a beautifully crafted tea that shows the lighter side of green tea. Opening the bag, one sees that this is tea has that touch of delicacy.

A quality thirst quenching tea, it gives off a honeysuckle aroma, a smooth body with notes of mango, lightly toasted pinenuts, & a sweet lingering finish that cleanses ones mouth. Resistant to bitterness, so good as a “grandpa style” tea (ok to just let steep in the cup you’re drinking from!)

Anji bai cha is named for the once rare (and lost) tea varietal originating in Anji town in Zhejiang Province. While “bai cha” means white tea, it’s actually a green tea. In the early 80s, this special lightly hued varietal was discovered, thought to be the same as one mentioned in ancient tea texts. Cuttings were planted throughout Anji, and now the area is covered with tea fields producing this fine tea.

Our Organic Anji Bai Cha is grown from plantings made from these cuttings and grown according to NOP Organic Standards.




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